Granville College is BC’s first and only exclusive Veterinary Assistant Training College. Graduating skilled and prepared professional Veterinary Assistants within 6 months is our single purpose. Our full-time program starts this August while our part-time program begins in September.

Continuing a long tradition of quality, student-focused education with our August full time program and September part-time program Granville College’s Veterinary Assistant Diploma program provides professionally-supervised, hands-on training, practical experience and financial assistance to help you become a qualified Veterinary Assistant in as little as 6 months.

Since developing our industry-standard curriculum and starting the first Veterinary Assistant program in B.C. in 1993, more students have graduated as Veterinary Assistants through Granville College than all similar B.C. programs combined.  This is a testament to our high standards of curriculum development, and our dedication to a practical, intensive, hands-on education for our Veterinary Assistant students.  Granville College has helped thousands of animal lovers launch successful, rewarding careers in animal health care with our Veterinary Assistant Training.  As a student of our Veterinary Assistant School, you’re part of a like-minded community, surrounded by others like you, dedicated to the care and well-being of animals. Graduates feel confident and fully prepared to make a positive impact in the lives of animals, and fellow animal lovers, in a variety of animal care environments.